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Efficiency Through Unruly Thinking

Ursula Bertram: Texte, Bilder und Werke zum Kunsttransfer. 304 Seiten, englisch, transcript-Verlag, Bielefeld, 2018 //
Thoughts, texts, pictures and works about the transfer of art to non-artistic fields and about the think tank IDfactory / Center for Art Transfer in Germany, 304 pages, english,

Non-conformist, non-linear, unruly thought and action have always led to great works of art, pathbreaking inventions and forward-looking perspectives. This precious element helps us to deal with social, ecological and economic challenges. But how does it find its way into our everyday working life? The synergy of logically justifiable knowledge with the capacity to navigate in open systems is crucial. Ursula Bertram has monitored and developed thousands of artistic processes. In so doing she has observed the strategies and principles of artists, theatre directors, musicians and unruly thinkers, and compared them with the stories of physicists, mathematicians, managers and researchers. She shows that when artistic thought is circulated and tested in fields beyond the arts, a pattern emerges that proves to be extremely efficient. This pattern is called artistic transfer.

ISBN: 978-3-8376-4668-9

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